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Frequently asked questions

Q: Can the HomEvap be connected to all HRV systems?

The HomEvap is suitable for the all HRV's connections.

Q: It's very hot in my house, how can I cool the air?

A: By installing the HomEvap Koeler or HomEvap Direct.

Q: It is very dry in my house, what is the solution?

A: The HomEvap Humidifier is the solution to humidifie your home.

Q: Can I install the HomEvap itself?

A: Only a qualified electrician can install the HomEvap. This will ensure that this is done correctly.

Q: Is there any risk of legionella?

A: The HomEvap Humidifier is equipped with a Legionella filter, the LegioSafe to make the water legionella safe. In addition, no aerosols (very small floating droplets) are produced, so there is no risk of legionella. No water is circulated.

Q: Will my costs for energy and water go up?

A: The water is up to 4 l / hr in the HomEvap 160 and 5 l / h at the HomEvap 200. When using the HomEvap for 4 months 24 hours a day, it amounts to 14 m3 of water annually.

Q: What is the delivery time of the HomEvap?

A: The delivery time is one week after the order date. The installer ultimately determines, in consultation with the costumer the installation date.

Q: Do you need to fill the HomEvap manually?

A: No. The HomEvap is connected to the water supply and is therefore automatically filled.

Q: Is the HomEvap reliable?

A: We install the HomEvap since 2008 to the full satisfaction of the users.

Q: How often should maintenance be conducted on the HomEvap?

A: This depends on the type of water at your home. For hard water we recommend placing a filter on the water supply. It is advisable to inspect the HomEvap once a year. With normal use and proper installation, the matrix must be replaced once every two years.